Balancing and Healing the Energy Body with Bioenergy Therapy


Rochelle Lewis is a Bioenergy Practitioner, certified as a Level II Practitioner of the Domančić Method of BiotherapyTrained by Certified Instructor, Zoran Hochstätter, of the Domančić Method.  Treatments are facilitated individually, remotely or in groups.   

Using Bioenergy Healing, Rochelle is able to access and effectively address health.  As a result, many undesirable health conditions and illness deemed incurable, such as Diabetes, Asthma, Arthritis, Herpes, Blood diseases, tumours, affects of stroke, Sinusitis, Autism, ADHD and much more are alleviated.    

As a Spiritual Advisor, Rochelle uses her abilities to counsel and teach others and help awaken their spiritual gifts and Life purpose.  She has helped many people by providing guidance, advice and messages that she receives.  She helps reveal your power in a way that enhances self love, relationships, confidence and purpose. 

Rochelle lives in Cumberland, in the Comox Valley, on the East Coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.  It is a beautiful, unique small town that is a wonderful place to live, with endless leisure and recreational opportunities and a kind hearted community.  Rochelle conducts group healing events in Cumberland, which supports the healing process with a slower pace, no big box retail or hotels and lots and lots of forest.

Rochelle is passionate about self reliance.  She lives Life with Purpose, Gratitude and Fire.  Life is a mirror and in this manner it is up to each of us to heal our world.  It is laregly an inside job and this approach will heal Me, but also We, resulting in raising frequency and consciousness of Earth and her inhabitants. Boom.  

Me We. (Muhammad Ali)

Thanks for being here.

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