Balancing and Healing the Energy Body with Bioenergy Therapy

Meet Rochelle Lewis

Hello and thanks for being here.

My name is Rochelle Lewis and I am a Level II certified Practitioner of the Domančić Method of Biotherapy since 2009. I was trained by Instructor, Zoran Hochstätter in the USA.

Initially, I sought out bioenergy therapy to help heal a painful back injury that just wouldn’t relent for many years after countless physio, chiropractic, acupuncture, cranial-sacral and reiki appointments and thousands of dollars later. While searching for other options, I discovered The Domancic Method. This therapy saved my life! With each treatment, I would heal another level until one day there was no longer any pain. After everything I had gone through, I wanted to use this modality to help others.

At that time I had finished University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Tourism and Recreation Management from formally Malaspina College University, now Vancouver Island University in British Columbia, Canada. My work was based in consulting and sustainability as a planner, for both public and private sectors. It took great effort to transition from a very lucrative career as a consultant to a healer. In life, we often do not get what we want, but more what we need. In this regard, all things happen for reasons outside our current understanding. Honestly, it is a blessing that we do not get everything we “think” we want in life.

This led to the next stage in my evolution. During this transition, I had a profound spiritual awakening. My personal life was in complete disarray and I was very unhappy and unsatisfied. I was questioning life. One evening I screamed out while lying in bed angry that there was NO GOD because why would God allow so much suffering. What happened next changed my whole life.

That night, and for the next three nights, I experienced sleep paralysis and was unable to move. I was exhausted by the end of the 3 days. I remember getting on my knees to pray and beg God for forgiveness. That was the last time I experienced the darkness of sleep paralysis. I believe in the Creator and I pray every single day.

Around this point in my time line of life, I began to train to read the Akashic Records and learn to remote view. I began to channel for people to confirm my intuitive and psychic abilities. I taught myself how to see aura’s too. I spent time learning about reincarnation and my own past or other lives. This was a new level of awakening that deepened my trust in God and all that is. And then I brought this together with my bioenergy healing work to offer Spiritual advising.

As a result, I am here to be of service to anyone who calls upon me for assistance whether it be mind, body or spirit work required.

These days I am only able to work part time in Cumberland on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada, while raising a family and homeschooling my little one. I also teach people how to ferment and diy with regard to many things like kombucha, natural health and beauty products and natural medicines.

I hope you have enjoyed learning more about me here. Please feel free to message me for more information or for interviews


Rochelle Lewis


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