Balancing and Healing the Energy Body with Bioenergy Therapy


Everybody comes when nothing else will work. 

Every thing is energy.

The future of medicine is energy healing. 

It works.

Bioenergy is the most effective healing modality of today. Some call it Qi, God, or Ether. It works and is highly results oriented. 

Where there is pain, the excess energy is removed. Where there is too little energy, energy is added. Bioenergy balances the electromagnetic field in and around the body, otherwise called the biofield or aura. This field indicates health or disease. Many things in our modern world impact the biofield negatively, like EMF & radiation, drugs, alcohol, stress and more. 

At this time treatments are conducted predominantly by distance, but can also be applied on an individual basis or in groups.  The power of groups amplifies the healing, which is quite profound and telling if you follow Lynne McTaggart or Bruce Lipton's work on collective meditation and prayer in very large numbers directed. 

Here are a few things bioenergy does:

  • Directly boosts the immune system
  • Eliminates pain profoundly
  • Regenerates tissue
  • Dramatically increases blood circulation
  • Speeds healing
  • Heal without pharmeceuticals
  • Help overcome addictions on all fronts
  • Provide a sense of well being and calmness (de-stress)
  • Reconnect you with your own higher self
  • Restore vivid dreaming and regeneration of sleep cycle
  • Help you find your happiness again
  • Helps achieve peak performance in all areas of your life

Bioenrgy is applied over a four day period, called a treatment, to acheive results quickly. It can be 4 days in a row or scattered over a period of one month with one session per week for four weeks.  For serious issues, it is recommended to pursue the four days in a row treatment initially to acheive faster results.  

Each session ranges from 15 minutes to 60 minutes. Since bioenergy is the transmitting of healthy information at a vibratory plane, each treatment reinforces and cements this new information of health at a cellular level creating the habit (memory) of health, instead of illness.  With each session the immune system is enhanced.  Receiving bioenergy will continue to help the body for the coming weeks.

For more information watch the healing documentary  Think About it, by Zoran Hochstatter. 

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