Balancing and Healing the Energy Body with Bioenergy Therapy


Energy Healed Me -- Over the Phone!  A Scientist Explains How

Meryl Davids Landau interviews Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., author of the books "The Biology of Belief" and "Spontaneous Evolution." Lipton is no flighty New-Ager; earlier in his career he worked as a cell biologist and professor at the National Institutes of Health, Stanford and the University of Wisconsin, among others. It was actually the experience of scientifically cloning cells that convinced Lipton that the way we view healing is wrong. When he separated genetically identical stem cells into three Petri dishes, he says, the cells in each dish grew to be totally different than those in the other dishes -- even though all were genetically the same. That set Lipton on his lifelong quest to uncover the role the environment and other factors play in cell restoration and growth.

Bioenergy Life Project on Parkinson's Disease - Los Angeles

By documenting the beneficial effects of Bioenergy Therapy – The Domančić Method, this first film of a series from the Bioenergy Life Project gives insight into how people with Parkinson’s and other conditions experienced real improvement both physical and emotional during a 4-day healing event in Los Angeles. The participants along with the therapists (who came from Europe, Canada and the US) describe the experience of the energy, the power of the group and the importance today and in the future of Bioenergy Therapy – The Zdenko Domančić Method.

Beneficial Effects of Bioenergy Therapy on Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Women with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) tell about how the Domančić method of Bioenergy therapy has improved their quality of life. Made for the Bioenergy Life Project these interviews were filmed in Slovenia at a health spa where two Domančić therapists (father and daughter) have a bioenergy center. Zoran Hochstätter, co founder of The Bioenergy Life Project, also speaks about the Project which sponsors community events in the USA to document the beneficial effects of bioenergy therapy.

The Domančić Method of Bioenergy Therapy Seminars: Student Impressions

Students from USA and UK seminars tell of their impressions and experiences. The Domančić Method of Bioenergy Therapy was created over 35 years ago by Zdenko Domančić, the pre-eminent bioenergy healer in Europe. Hidden from the attention of the western media for decades, his method, being practiced and taught at the impressive Domančić Bioenergy clinic in Slovenia, (the largest clinic of its kind in the world) is a phenomenon of documented and indisputable healing successes that has helped over a million people. Since May 2007 Domančić Method seminars have been offered in the USA and London. Now, besides Europe, officially trained therapists are found in the US, Canada, Ireland and Britain.

Zdenko Domančić Interview With Zoran Hochstätter

Interview with Zdenko Domancic and Zoran Hochstätter – June 2008 from the Domancic Bioenergy Therapy clinic in Slovenia. Zdenko Domancic talks about how his powerful bioenergy therapy method is now available in the USA. This is an excerpt from the Bridging Heaven and Earth show in which Zoran Hochstätter (who is introducing and teaching the Domancic method in the USA) explains more about the history and practice of the Domancic Method in Europe and his own personal role as therapist, teacher and filmmaker (Think About it ) in introducing the Method to the USA.

Bridging Heaven & Earth With Zoran Hochstätter

During the first part of his life, Zoran was a successful cinematographer and photographer based in Los Angeles, CA. After co-producing, co-directing and photographing the healing documentary, Think About It, Zoran started practicing the Zdenko Domančić Method of Bioenergy Therapy.

Dividing his time between Europe and the USA, Zoran teaches and practices the
Domančić Method of Bioenergy Therapy and is committed to spreading the practice in its purest form.

THINK ABOUT IT, a Healing Documentary

THINK ABOUT IT explores an innovative solution for healthcare by introducing and examining the effects, results and the future of bioenergy healing. The film counterbalances the seemingly esoteric subject with a thoughtful, straight forward treatment of real-life experiences and impressions of patients, top cutting edge scientists, medical doctors, bioenergy students and the renowned healer, Zdenko Domančić. The film features Zdenko Domančić in action at his long established bio-therapy clinic in Krajska Gora, Slovenia, testimonials from patients who’ve received treatments and several highly acclaimed scientists from the US demonstrating the benefits of the Domančić Method of bioenergy healing. Filled with insight about a new and unusual way of perceiving and understanding healing, THINK ABOUT IT invites viewers to contemplate and reassess their own beliefs about health and medicine.

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