Balancing and Healing the Energy Body with Bioenergy Therapy


Anonymous, BC, Canada

We have had two treatments with Rochelle for our daughter age 3. She's had a lot of illness since being born. She had pneumonia at 9 months old and has had it many times since and ear infections, lots of colds, constant runny nose, seasonal allergies, food allergies and much more. We've seen so many specialists and naturpaths and nothing really changes. We don't eat dairy. We decided to give bioenergy a try. 

After the first 4 day treatment she didn't have any issues for the next three weeks straight!  This is very unusual for us! In fact, this was the healthiest she has been since as far back as we can remember. She also slept better. 

About a month later she got an ear infection. We did give her homemade garlic oil ear drops, but we wanted to avoid another round of antibiotics just incase, so we brought her to see Rochelle again. The ear infection stopped progressing and her fever returned to normal by the same evening and no antibiotics were needed this time! She seems to enjoy the sessions.

We are grateful to have found bioenergy and look forward to using it to help with any future issues that may arise.

Our daughter has had improved health overall as a result of these treatments. I also like that Rochelle is willing to do reduced fee treatments for kids. Thank you. 

Eiki Watanabe, Whistler, BC, Canada

My experience with Rochelle and the 4 day bioenergy treatment she provided was very eye opening, even for an open minded person, such as myself.  I honestly did not know what to expect, but I had heard positive things from a mutual friend about her experiences with bioenergy healing. 

I was very touched by the sincerity in Rochelle’s demeanor even though we were already acquainted.  It was very refreshing to have someone in the healthcare field be so passionate about helping me with the issues that have plagued me for years, which have only been treated with topical pharmaceutical solutions to date.  I unquestionably left each session feeling better, both physically and emotionally.  Thank you.


Barry Lonergan, Level 3 Domancic Method of Bioenergy Therapy Practitioner, Cork, Ireland

Thanks so much for the bioenergy healing exchanges during the summer.  Some months have elapsed and it is clear to see that even with my bias in favour of bioenergy healing that the results are great.

You might recall I had an issue with the left wrist - an impact injury from Thai boxing. Well it is very good now, in fact I was able to resume training in September and all is well. You also treated a tooth ache for a tooth that has seen better days, it was throbbing before you worked on it, but after the 4 day treatment there’s been no pain...since.

It’s been a pleasure exchanging, those involved in the healing arts, like everyone else, need healing from time to time, it was good to be on the receiving end of good vibes. Best wishes.

Anonymous, Istanbul, Turkey (with permission)

Anonymous has been in Coma for past 6 months with decerebrate posturing (brain stem injury), stafilokokus aureus bacteria in lungs with developed resistance to methicillin, sepsis, liver enzymes above limit & recently developed problems breathing, which recently led to small incision in throat to assist breathing. 

Results of 4 day treatment as per family communications: 

Temperature has become normalized and infection in lungs is now improving daily. He now opens his eyes from time to time, however, he does not show reaction when his name is called, but he has started reacting to pain stimulation.  The respiratory apparatus was removed and he started breathing all by himself for 10 hours & this has not been possible in 6 months. Later the respiratory apparatus was put back in as a precaution to permit rest.  Liver enzymes have also improved and continue to improve daily.

Annoymous, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada (with permission)

It has taken awhile to get my thoughts together about Bioenergy Therapy, in part because for me, it was such an intense treatment; it took some time for me to process the experience.

I’ve experienced anxiety on and off for years.  After some major life changes anxiety took such a hold of me that it was difficult for me to function in day to day life.  I felt like I was being held underwater and no matter how hard I fought my way up I couldn’t quite catch a breath.  I tried acupuncture and massage and many natural medicinal modalities and remedies before bioenergy, and although they gave me some relief, it wasn’t enough.

Now I believe you have to treat the root of an issue, not just the symptoms, and even though I have always believed in the power of our own energy, and in theory, understood how everything is energy, I was still skeptical about the treatment and I had to take a leap of faith and put my health literally in the hands of the universe.  For full disclosure, Rochelle and I have been friends for years and I trusted her completely, but I was still a bit nervous.

I have had two treatments in total, both distance and in person.  My first in person treatment happened nearly immediately after a very trying and disturbing personal event.  I was shattered, confused and completely riddled with anxiety.  

After the first day of my second 4 day treatment, which was in person, my energy soared.  It was like I had drunk four pots of coffee, but without the jitters.  I felt light, happy, excited, energized and positive. And most notably, anxiety free.   I was a bioenergy convert!  That night I slept great.  The next day I had my second treatment.  Well, this time, I had the polar opposite experience.  The afternoon was fine and quite enjoyable, I actually still felt really positive and energized, but that night, I could not sleep, I felt claustrophobic and suffocating.  I wandered around the house.  My anxiety symptoms peaked.  I experienced one of the worst panic attacks I have ever had.  It was all I could do to not scream out.  I knew this could happen and that my symptoms could get worse, the old pattern resisting, not wanting to be pushed out.  I have heard someone explain the energy block like a traffic jam, you’re just trying to get the traffic flowing, but someone’s blocking the way.  I remember thinking, “What has she done to me!”  She’s messed with my energy field; I will never be the same.  Did she forget to close the “energy” gate?” (If that existed!)  I was so agitated.  I couldn’t believe I had gone from such bliss to misery in such a short time and that these extreme emotions were from the same treatment.

The next morning, after a sleepless night, I was feeling a bit calmer, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had to get home.  Rochelle said we could do the rest of the treatment from a distance, so that afternoon, while I was on the ferry back to Vancouver Island I found a quiet spot (well, as quiet as you can) on the ferry.  I can tell exactly when the treatment started.  I could feel the energy moving, I could feel the emotions ebb and flow.  It was like having a hand in the bath water mixing the cold and hot to reach the perfect temperature.  The third and fourth sessions did not create the same extreme emotions as the first two, but I did experience a strange sensation of being separate from my day to day life.  Now in anxiety terms, this may be described as disassociation, but this time I felt calm and clear. Almost like an alien observing human life.  I actually felt like laughing a lot during those three days the sensation lasted.  Slowly, I felt like I came back to my body, became more grounded.  It was like I was getting a break from my bodily symptoms that I had created in my mind.  The treatment taught me a lot about the mind body connection and how our thoughts can manifest physically.  Since my treatment I have been working on becoming completely anxiety free, but the treatment continued to lessen the severity of my symptoms daily.  I believe that Bioenergy did rid me of my anxiety, but that my life habits (environment) continued to perpetuate and rebuild the anxiety.  So I have now taken the steps to change my thought patterns, in turn changing the energy I create, and the energy I draw to my life.

I will be forever grateful to Rochelle for sharing this gift with me and would recommend Bioenergy Therapy to anyone looking for relief from physical, mental or emotional pain.  It does not just treat the symptoms of dis-ease, but gets to the root of a universal truth. Everything is energy, change the energy, and change yourself.

Karen, BC, Canada

At the age of 16 my right ankle was crushed in a car accident that left me (gratefully) with my foot still attached, but with many side effects including pain, loss of mobility (foot rotation and extension) and regular seizing up.  Cold temperatures were an issue as well and conventional doctors weren’t able to assist with any of these issues.   Being almost 48, I felt major surgery was not an option.

Last spring I had my first in person 4 day bioenergy treatment with Rochelle and by the end of the second day I was chasing after my youngest child as if I had never had an accident to begin with.  We are part way through the winter now and I have no arthritic pain still.  My mobility and self confidence has returned, but it does not stop there!

My menstrual cycle stopped about a year ago and was replaced with annoying hot flashes and this has been a non-issue as well since Rochelle addressed this with another 4 day treatment.  I have not had a hot flash since the treatment over 6 months ago and another benefit from the second treatment has been renewed strength of my vaginal wall (uterus), which collapsed during the birth of my second son.  We did not address this issue directly and the benefits are a wonderful bonus!  I will continue to work on this issue in hopes of avoiding a total hysterectomy, which is what my conventional doctor has informed me is the only way to correct this issue. 

In addition, my high blood pressure issue is another area of improvement and after addressing addiction, my cravings have been greatly reduced.

I cannot say enough about my miracles without sharing the amazing results of my 7 year old son's treatment for strep throat and an infection in and around his nose.  After two days of his 4 day treatment his energy was back to uncontainable and I took him off the antibiotics and he is still operating at 110% capacity!  It has been a few months since either of us has had a bioenergy treatment or seen a doctor because we do not need to.

Bioenergy changed my well being on many levels, but it also changed my perspective about holistic healing versus conventional Western medicine.

Geoffrey Parris, Weston, Florida, United States

Rochelle treated me at a distance on three occasions now, and the results have been nothing short of remarkable!  At my request she worked on skin issues, my right knee and my eyes.  With each 4 day treatment the conditions improved.  My eyes have improved one whole dioptre in each lens!  I have stepped back to an older pair of glasses.  My knee no longer hurts and is now as strong (with regular gym exercise) as the left knee and my skin issues have completely cleared up.

The most amazing thing about my bioenergy treatments is how it worked on something I wasn’t even aware was a problem.  My hearing was pretty good, or so I thought!  Only after the 3rd treatment did I realise I was turning the volume setting down on the television by more than half the previous volume level I was accustomed for it to be at.

Overall, I am in the best shape of my life.  I have lost weight, I no longer take ANY pills, vitamins, supplements or medication and I sleep better than I have in years.  I am hugely grateful for having found this method and Rochelle as a competent practitioner. 

Kirsten Soder, Tofino, BC, Canada

I was invited to have Rochelle do a Bioenergy Therapy treatment in August 2009, at which time I was 35 weeks pregnant, and was suffering from chronic numbness, pain in my left thigh and pain in my lower back on the right side. This condition had been bothering me for months, getting consistently worse since it started around my 5th month of pregnancy. 

Treatment and consultation occurred with my midwife, my chiropractor and 2 different massage therapists, all who concurred it was compromised nerve function because of the way the baby was putting pressure on my sciatic/sacral areas. The numbness started out localized in a small patch, but by the 7th month spread to the majority of my upper left leg as the pregnancy progressed, and eventually started to be accompanied by sharp, stinging pains as well. None of the treatments I had been undergoing were making any difference. 

I was fairly skeptical that Bioenergy Therapy would make any difference either, especially not knowing what to expect, but by the end of the second session, all numbness was completely gone, (although it did return briefly that evening), but by the third and fourth day I hadn't experienced a recurrence of either the numbness or the pain. In the 3 weeks following my treatment there was 2 or 3 isolated incidents where I felt the numbness begin to return, but getting off my feet was enough to keep it at bay, and I had no pain at all in my leg or my lower back since treatment either. 

I still have no idea how the process itself could have made such a difference, but I do not question that it helped me immensely through the last few weeks of my pregnancy. Thank you Rochelle for sharing this method!


Sheryl Zumstein, Ucluelet, BC, Canada

I wanted to give you an update on me and Benny after receiving the bioenergy therapy. Both my arms and my knee are doing amazing. My arms have not been bothering me at all, and the ligaments around my knee have actually tightened back up and are now stable. I am able to run and play with Benny without having to even think about my knee now, its so amazing.  I even slipped and fell in the same way that caused the knee injury and my ligaments were strong and did not get injured. My energy levels have found a happy medium and are more stable. 

My dog Benny is doing better than ever. The combination of massage, cardio training and bioenergy therapy has turned Benny into the dog he always wanted to be. He can actually run now and he's soooo fast. He runs like the wind! I swear he even has a smile on his face when he's running. I think the bioenergy therapy is what really gave his body that balance and the push on his healing journey.                                                                                      

Danielle Morton, Ucluelet, BC, Canada

I have received two bioenergy therapy treatments from Rochelle. I was suffering from chronic pain, stiffness and swelling in the front and back of my right knee, due to acquiring osteoarthritis, as a result of a serious sports injury. This condition had been developing and progressively getting worse for the past 8 years. I’ve had four knee surgeries, received hours of physiotherapy, worked with a personal trainer and received Synvisc injections (synthetic synovial joint fluid), as a means to find some pain relief in my knee.

During the course of my first bioenergy healing treatment, I immediatly began to notice the swelling, pain and stiffness in the back of my right knee had significantly subsided. I decided to book another healing session for my knee. After each treatment, I noticed my knee felt as though it has been stretched and massaged and the pain subsided more and more each day. To this day, four months later, the pain and stiffness in the back of my knee has not returned.

I was very satisfied, relaxed and at peace after each session with Rochelle. She is very dedicated to helping people with their health and the positive attitude and energy she emits is uplifting.Thanks, Rochelle.  

Romona Sertic, Ucluelet, BC, Canada

Receiving bioenergy treatments from Rochelle was a mind opening experience. Her relaxed environment, positive energy, 100% committed intent and knowledge, made me feel comfortable and enlightened during her treatments. She gave me so many tools to help heal myself, which I still use to this day. Rochelle’s Bioenergy treatments have had a tremendous positive effect to my well being; her passion to help people heal is inspiring.

Jason Niles, Ucluelet, BC, Canada

The bioenergy treatment with Rochelle brought to my attention a powerful method to work with my chronic sinus congestion and seasonal allergies. Bioenergy therapy is a much needed practice that can help many conditions and people. The best part is you are able to finish the session feeling improved, instead of leaving an appointment with a list of prescription drugs and left to cope with the symptoms of illness and/or pain. My sinus pressure and congestion improved to the point where I no longer notice any discomfort or experience stuffiness or even have a runny nose.  Thanks! 

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