Balancing and Healing the Energy Body with Bioenergy Therapy

Healing Treatments

Distance Treatment

A distance bioenergy healing treatment consists of four consecutive sessions of 15 - 60 minutes each day. 

The miminum amount for a treatment is $350.00. If you feel inclined to give more, please enter the value here.



Donation does not mean “Free”.

Everything in life is interconnected.

The principle of donating is that it completes an exchange of energy. This exchange is necessary to maintain the balance of “give and receive” in every sphere of our Universe, including the physical body.

Self-healing requires the commitment of the client to be well again. The donation is a measure of that commitment, and the mere act of exchange by sharing and being a part of the Bioenergy process, assists with the body’s built-in healing ability.

What is given provides the necessary support to ensure the practitioner is able to continue to assist as many people as possible with Bioenergy healing. As part of this work of providing Bioenergy treatments, the client needs to respect the time and energy invested to help (both individuals & groups). The donation is for the time and effort of the practitioner and not for the specific sessions or healing, because no one can put a price on health or illness.

“Giving” also expresses gratitude and appreciation, and this helps boost the immune system and to begin the process of restoring energetic balance, harmony and health to the body.

I accept with gratitude and love, whatever you contribute.

Please enter the amount you wish to give here.