Balancing and Healing the Energy Body with Bioenergy Therapy

Group Treatment

All group bioenergy therapy treatment events are scheduled for 4 consecutive days.  Bioenergy therapy is amplified when practiced in a group environment.

Participants receive one 20 – 30 minute individual treatment per day within a group setting.

Besides the individual therapy, participants spend time in the group observing the other treatments since it is part of the bioenergy healing. The longer you can participate, the more beneficial it is for your individual health and for the other participants health in the group.

It is highly recommended that participants receive all 4 sessions for a complete treatment since bioenergy healing is the transmitting of healthy information at a vibratory plane; each treatment reinforces this new information of health at a cellular level, creating the habit (memory) of healing, instead of the habit (memory) of illness.

Clients immune system's are boosted more and more each day during the therapy. The 4 day bioenergy therapy treatment will also continue to help each participants' body for the coming weeks.

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