Balancing and Healing the Energy Body with Bioenergy Therapy

Distance Treatment

Distance or remote treatments are offered for those unable to attend in person treatments due to geographic location or other specific “significant” reason. 

Many scientists agree the power of intention is even stronger at a distance (see 50 minute documentary “THINK ABOUT IT” for more details). Clients receiving both in person and distance bioenergy treatments, report that the results after the distance therapy are the same as in person treatments.  

“We have to understand that distance is a privilege of a restricted mind. In the dimension from which we are affecting the patient, distance does not exist.”  (Zdenko Domančić)

A distance treatment consists of 4 consecutive sessions for approximately 15 to 60 minutes each day. Some clients may require more than one or two treatments depending on the severity of the particular health issue. Be prepared to feel the effects of a bioenergy therapy treatment over the weeks following treatment.   

It is required to know your medical diagnosis given by your physician prior to the treatment.

For distance treatments a RECENT photo is required (eyes open, smiling, sitting or standing) and can be emailed to

On the day of the scheduled session, you will call the practitioner at the confirmed pre-arranged time.  After a brief discussion, and the call is complete, the  Practitioner will conduct the distance session.  After completion of the session you will receive a call from the Practitioner.  This pattern will be used for the duration of the 4 day treatment. 

There is no price for the therapy, but there is an established fee for the practitioners time.  The fee is $300.00 Canadian, which includes all 4 consecutive sessions.    

Pay for a Distance Treatment